PBI provides training to local agencies and organisations in those countries where it is present. PBI aims to support human rights defenders by developing their capacity to carry out their work effectively and in relative safety. Much of their training focuses on supporting human rights defenders to improve their security. They inform on risk analysis tools, provide practical help and give advice tailored to each defenders’ specific needs, and support them to develop long-term security policy and emergency response strategies.

  • Colectivo ANSUR

    Is a working team that aspires to contribute to the transformation of social, economic and political conditions that go against fundamental human rights of people and communities. They do this by accompanying and supporting victims’ organisations, NGOs and social organisations linked fundamentally with the defence of human rights and with peace building.

    Protection Training

    It offers training in protection which includes training in the following areas: psychosocial support, organisational strengthening, protocols and security, networks and advocacy. In its website there are several manuals relating to the protection of defenders of human rights.

    Where do they work?

    Colombia, Spain, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay


    Risk analysis and safety planning

    These workshops are aimed at human rights defenders at risk involving risks evaluations, threats analysis, what to do during security incidents, digital security (basic level), stress management and development of security plans.

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    Workshops about digital security

    The aim is to more effectively assess needs and identify digital risks, help design tailored security policy and cooperate in implementing it and integrating the practices into daily work and life. This approach facilitates long-lasting impact through more direct engagement in the specific real-life contexts of some of those human rights defenders working in the most dangerous environments.

    Security in-a-Box (SiaB) was created by Front Line Defenders in 2005 in partnership with the Tactical Technology Collective to further implement tactics and tools for digital security. SiaB has a collection of guides and free and open source tools to assist in securing computers or phones, storing and sharing sensitive information more securely and to maintain the privacy of Internet and phone communication. It is available in 16 languages: English, Amharic, Spanish, Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, French, German, Persian, Italian, Tibetan, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

    Online Resources

    OFor Human Rights Defenders security, safety, political advocacy and court cases:

    Online resources for wellbeing and stress management:


    Worldwide, awareness of the risks, threats and hostile situations faced by Human Rights Defenders in their daily work has increased. Building capacities of local Human Rights Defenders to cope with their environment has therefore become one of the priorities of

    In order to enhance their capacities and address direct demands from the field, implements a programme of trainings to meet the security needs of Human Rights Defenders, providing them with additional knowledge and tools.

    Trainings are conducted on protection, physical and digital security, security plans, advocacy tools, risk assessments and campaigning strategies in order to strengthen Human Rights Defenders' long- term abilities to undertake their own risk assessments and how to mitigate them. Some trainings focus on psychological support for human rights defenders working in stressful and repressive environments. Capacity-building activities also include elements to develop the financial, managerial and operational capacities of Human Rights Defenders. These elements are crucial to promote Human Rights Defenders' security at organisational level, and to increase the sustainability of their work. partners have extensive experience in conducting trainings, producing training materials, offering digital security consultancies to Human Rights Defenders, providing hands on support and advice in any part of the world. They are engaged in a long-term approach to capacity building, aiming to not only transfer new tools, but also to accompany Human Rights Defenders in their organisational change processes. develops a training and information programme in collaboration with its partners Front Line Defenders, FIDH, OMCT, RSF, Forum Asia, EHAHRDP (Defender a los defensores), International Peace Brigades (PBI), Protection International, ILGA y Red-DESC.


    Capacity Building Programme:

    Protection International's capacity building programme aims to ensure that human rights defenders, civil society organisations and communities are able to continue with their human rights activism in a safe and sustainable manner, even when faced by threats and aggressions.

    These protection capacities involve the empowering human rights defenders to make decisions when they are confronted with different alternatives, and helps them find ways to make these decisions in safety.

    It contributes towards empowering individual human rights defenders and increasing the capacity of their communities to effectively manage their own protection and security. Staff support them with capacity-building processes, which cover protection from a comprehensive perspective – i.e. physical, data management and ICT security, as well as psychosocial support.

    Protection International assists communities to devise collective and preventive risk management strategies, including the setup of early-warning systems, building networks of support, and bolstering their advocacy and communication skills to claim their right to defend human rights and push back criminalisation.

    Protection International links grassroots human right defenders with duty-bearing authorities and key stakeholders that can support them. At the same time, they engage with government and state authorities at different levels (local, regional and national), international human rights protection regimes (regional and global) and other key stakeholders (e.g. EU, diplomatic missions, intergovernmental organisations, etc.) to improve their knowledge and awareness of human rights defenders protection issues.

    Protection Handbooks

    They have developed handbooks about: protection tools; criminalisation prevention; home and personal protection ; surveillance and counter-surveillance; protection in villages and within communities; protection for defenders LGTBI. They are available at:

    Online Training

    PI offers online training about security management and protection for defenders that happens every three months and has a 12-week duration. It can be done in a group and it is aimed at individuals, defenders or NGOs. It is offered in Spanish, English or French.

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  • PROJECT “DEFENDERSTECH” of DefendDefenders

    DefendersTech is an innovative team working to facilitate intelligent, strategic, and secure usage of technology by human rights defenders in the East and Horn of Africa through interlinked programmes of Digital Safety Education & Support, Documentation & Data, Research & Monitoring, and Web Presence.

    These programs are offered to human rights defenders working within the East & Horn of Africa sub-region: Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia (including Somaliland).