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  • Establishing networks saves lives. These networks strive to protect defenders and accompany them by giving them much needed emotional support in a space based on trust
  • Being a female Human Rights Defender, a defender of land and environment and putting yourself on the front line of attack places you in grave danger which, of course, poses particular risks for women. Circumstances are often further complicated for female defenders who are feminists and who are therefore more aware of gender-based violations against women in their own societies.
  • A female defender needs: psychosocial support, legal support, economic support, support through the public condemnation of the circumstances she finds herself in and support for any unique personal challenges she faces, for example, regarding the safety or safe passage of her children. A female Human Rights Defender has many specific needs.

Who accompanies male and female human rights defenders?

Throughout the world, many organisations accompany defenders of human rights to help them reduce the level of risk they face in their work. Get to know more about these organisations!

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And if a human rights defender needs to leave the country,
what can he/she do?

Temporary protection

They can seek temporary residence in another country through shelter or relocation programmes and other forms of assistance.

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Permanent Protection

If it´s the case that they cannot return to their country of origin, they can ask for asylum.

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Does your organisation need training on how to protect human rights defenders?

There are many organisations worldwide that offer training to groups on the protection of human rights defenders. Get the information!

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Protect Those Who Defend

´Protect Those Who Defend´ is an initiative that informs social organisations on how best to protect human rights defenders at risk.

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In CEAR- Euskadi (the Basque Country) we work to defend the human rights of refugees, migrants and stateless’ persons.